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We specialise in HR recruitment at Collins McNicholas.

Our HR team of recruitment experts enables you to find the best HR candidates in the market. Our experienced Human Resource consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the HR jobs market and build a thorough understanding of your particular needs. With the help of leading recruitment tech, we find you the right person for the job in the shortest amount of time.

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Cork Branch Manager

Michael O'Brien

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Recruitment Manager

Aideen Cummins

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Recruitment Manager

Nicola Egan

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Principal Recruitment Consultant

Tina Cornally

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Senior Recruitment Consultant

Niamh Cregg

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Senior Recruitment Consultant

Deirdre Moran

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Senior Recruitment Consultant

Emma Cawley

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Recruitment Consultant

Michelle Miley

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Recruitment Consultant

​Alicja Burchardt

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Recruit, Retain, Reset

​It was great to get the opportunity to return to the alma mater recently and join a full house at the Mid-West CIPD Event - Recruit, Retain, Reset.Talent Management will be a top priority for orga...


How to Deal with a Negative Work Environment

​In the challenging environment, we find ourselves in today – with a daily balancing act from home to work and work to home – walking into a negative work environment is the last thing you want to ...


How can I help my staff accept a new manager following the death of his predecessor?

​Question: I own a medium-sized marketing firm with a team of 20 people. Four months ago, one of our managers died. He was a superb employee and fantastic at motivating his team and boosting morale...


Professor Kevin Murphy | Misbehaviour in The Workplace

​When it comes to a culture of bad behaviour in business, is it the fault of an individual or the organisation?If you open a newspaper or turn on your favourite news show, it’s likely you’ll find a...


I know I am being managed out of my HR job by firm’s new owners – what should I do?

​Question: I’ve enjoyed my role as Head of Human Resources with a large tech company for five years. A year ago, the company was taken over and the new owners brought in their own executives. Since...


My manager is being cold with me since I got my promotion. What should I do?

​Question: I was offered a promotion recently and I am now working equally alongside a manager who trained me when I moved to the company five years ago. Since I was promoted, she has become cold a...


I have to fire an employee – how do I approach this situation with confidence?

​​​Question: I have been a manager of a software company for a number of years. I have successfully dealt with a number of issues, such as confronting people on their performance, etc. However, a m...


I’m in my 50s and desperate to quietly upskill to keep up with my tech-savvy younger staff

​I am a female in my late 50s and am enjoying my work at my job in the media sector. There are a lot of younger employees coming into the workplace with IT skills that are far superior to my own. W...


Becoming Better Leaders by taking a “Whole-person” Approach

​Guest Blog: The following article was written by Michelle Hammond, Ph.D., University of Limerick.When did you first learn about leadership? Chances are you knew something about leadership long bef...


How to Get the Most out of Psychometrics in HR

​Last Wednesday morning Collins McNicholas in conjunction with the CIPD had the pleasure of co-hosting an event focused on the topical area of Psychometrics in HR. A large crowd gathered at the spl...