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​Biocel Ltd. was founded by Dr Karl McCarthy in 1966. We are one of Ireland's leading chemical manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality, cost-effective and specialist formulations to industry. We develop biochemical and chemical process aids and additives for a variety of Irish industries, including Brewing and Beverage, Dairying, Food Production, Laundering, Construction, Water Treatment, Pharmaceutical and the Public Sector.   Your browser does not support the video tag. ​ Biocel endeavours to grow year on year, providing chemicals that enrich our customers by supporting communities, providing fair employment and protecting our planet. ​​ Industries we serve At Biocel we manufacture a wide range of disinfection, sanitising and cleaning products, including chemical process aids and food additives. Our products are manufactured at our plant here in Cork, Ireland. Our facilities include four dedicated manufacturing plants and a number of bulk chemical storage tanks. Dairy Food - Ingredients & Process Aids Contract Manufacturing Brewing & Distilling Industrial Cleaning Responsibility ​We believe that in the Chemical Industry, Responsible Business is Good Business. Here at Biocel, our responsibilities, like our customers, are at the core of our business.​ "We in Lakeland Dairies have found Biocel’s technical service invaluable in assisting us to find solutions which ultimately achieved key quality parameters." Kathryn, Lakeland Dairies The Karl McCarthy Prize ​In recognition of our founder, the late Dr Karl McCarthy’s contribution to the development of the Irish Processing industry. Awards & Accreditations ​Biocel has been awarded ISO:9001, which is an internationally recognised quality management system (QMS) standard. R&D Laboratory Having been involved in a range of industries since 1966, we constantly strive to evolve so that we can harness the best solutions for your benefit.​ Equal Opportunity​ The principles of employment equality are applied to recruitment, promotion, training and work experience and to all terms and conditions of employment.​ ​ ​ WE EXCEL IN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, TECHNICAL SERVICES, ENGINEERING BACKUP AND CUSTOMER CARE: Biocel Ltd. currently employs approximately 28 people who are all expertly trained in their fields.  Our Research and Development Staff are highly experienced in the formulation of bespoke chemical products and chemicals that enrich. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to develop your product to your individual needs and specifications.     ​CAREERS AT BIOCEL Biocel Limited is among Ireland's leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality, cost-effective and specialist chemical formulations in the industry. We develop biochemical and chemical process aids and additives for a variety of Irish industries. Join our team to help shape the future of chemicals together. ​ WORK WITH US Our products are manufactured at our plant in Cork, Ireland. Our facilities include four dedicated manufacturing plants,  covered and uncovered storage areas and a number of bulk chemical storage tanks. We deliver our products throughout the island of Ireland using our dedicated fleet of Hazchem-compliant vehicles. ​ Biocel Ltd. values diversity & belonging and is committed to implementing equal opportunities in all its employment policies, practices and procedures.   ​ Get in contact with our team of dedicated recruitment consultants if you're interested in a career with Biocel: ​ Michael O'Brien Branch Manager Aisling Lane Principal Recruitment Consultant

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Lir Analytical

Lir Analytical combines Chemistry and Microbiology to develop proven Bio-Security formulas for the prevention of AMR which is one of the world’s biggest challenges in human health with extraordinary sustainable benefits. ​ ​ Lir Analytical is a research, development and manufacturing life science company based in Ireland, supported by highly engaged food producers and food processing customers in Ireland and Europe. Founded in 2014 and supported by the Longford Local Enterprise Office and Enterprise Ireland. Lir Analytical has grown from a research project in the midlands, into one of the fastest-growing companies in Bio-Security development. This growth comes from a devotion to producing innovative, effective bio-security solutions and above all a relentless commitment to the Lir Analytical vision. ​ Our Vision Our products exist at the crossroads of Science and Engineering. To remain at the forefront of both, we need to be relentless in the search for advanced solutions and consistently future-focused.​ Our Mission Our commitment to researching and providing bio-security solutions to food-producing industries is based on the urgent need to find effective antimicrobial solutions to prevent the spread of pathogenic microbial species. ​   ​Our Brands Under the Lir Analytical portfolio, we have 2 brands: Lir Analytical - R&D. Food Processing, Pig & Poultry BóPro - Dairy Brand. Teatcare, Hoofcare & Detergents ​ Our Longford facility can produce up 15,000L of products daily. Current sectors we serve: Dairy Producers Food processing Pig & Poultry Producers   Our product portfolio includes: Teat care Hoof care Disinfectants Descalers Chlorine-Free Detergents   ​ Our Operational Efficiency Our Longford facility is the base of our company and allows for full integration and co-operation between our team. In this facility includes the production, laboratory and office space wherein our team works from. In 2021, Lir Analytical achieved ISO9001 certification from Certification Europe. The implementation of a Quality Management System has allowed for complete engagement of people throughout our business and has allowed for operational improvements across each department. The focus on risk reduction, opportunity management and continuous improvement have been embedded in our operations and has been a huge driving force in the recent growth of the business. ​ Our Laboratory facility and personnel play a huge role in our quality management throughout our operations, wherein the facility on site allows for complete analysis of all materials and products that are involved in our production. Within the on-site laboratory, Lir Analytical has the capacity to comprehensively manage our quality whilst also allowing for research and product development. With our facility based in the midlands of Ireland, Lir Analytical has developed a strong logistics network, allowing for seamless delivery nationwide, including Northern Ireland and to international markets. ​ Logistics and Supply Chain With our manufacturing facility based in the midlands of Ireland, Lir Analytical has developed a strong logistics network, allowing for seamless delivery to our 40+ stores nationwide including Northern Ireland. Our supply chain has developed substantially through the on-boarding of primary and secondary suppliers for all key materials and services – which has allowed Lir Analytical to withstand and grow during the ongoing challenges of Covid-19 and Brexit. ​ ​ Job Opportunities Available: Operations Manager Strategic Business Development Manager Strategic Marketing Manager ​​ For more information on roles at Lir Analytical, get in contact with our expert recruitment consultants: Gillian Nicholson Principal Recruitment Consultant Niamh Cregg Senior Recruitment Consultant Michelle Miley Recruitment Consultant ​

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​Glatt offers solutions for innovative process technologies. They focus on systems for process technology, production and processing of solid dosage forms. From the laboratory to production scale and with a broad offering of engineering activities to qualification activities and training. As a pioneer in fluidized bed technology, they have more than sixty years of experience in the development of groundbreaking process solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. With their expertise as a market leader in life science equipment for drying, granulation and coating technologies, they support customers with innovative solutions in the manufacture of tablets and pellets. Their product range covers the entire process chain, from weighing to transfer to the tablet press, to the coater, and finally to the packaging machine. Also available in total containment and SC superclean versions with fully automated cleaning. And with solutions for batch and continuous operation when needed. Thanks to their latest technology developments, you can now even convert your batch processes to continuous operation. ​ ​ Their own technology centres in Binzen, Southern Germany and Ramsey, U.S. are available for process development needs. With state-of-the-art laboratory, pilot and production plants and the requisite certifications for drug manufacturing. Such resources facilitate the optimization of processes before their technical implementation in production lines. Glatt Irl is based in Cork and acts as a local support unit to the Irish pharma market with a team of recognised experts onboard who support their Irish and UK customers for all of their engineering, servicing, after-sales and spares support needs. ​ If you're interested in a role with Glatt then you should email your CV to our Recruitment Consultant, Barry O'Brien: ​ Barry O'Brien Senior Recruitment Consultant (021) 4911060 ​ ​

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M&P O'Sullivan

​A family business since 1905, M&P O’Sullivan Ltd, now into its fourth generation, continues to play an integral role in the Irish Food industry. A key driver of our growth is our continued passion to provide unrivaled levels of customer service to all of our customers, both big and small. We believe in providing our customers with only the best in value, product range and support as it is only through their success that we can realise our success. The company is extremely strong in both Retail & Foodservice activities. Our customers are food service operations such as restaurants and fast food outlets, as well as organizations like schools, universities, and hospitals. Through our retail franchise Gala, we provide stores with a one-stop shop solution for all of their buying needs. We also have significant buying power allowing us to successfully serve the independent retail market. We continually strive to be the best at what we do and this is shown through our achieving of Gold Standard awards, every year since 2010, at the annual Stonehouse Awards ceremony. In more than 110 years M&P O’Sullivan has seen many changes in the industry but by keeping the firm family values of exceptional products delivered with outstanding service, we continue to grow and maintain our place as the best choice for every client's needs. ​ ​ ​ Why Choose M&P? At M&P O’Sullivan we place the customer at the forefront of our business. Our goal is to provide an exceptional service experience, from your interaction with our seasoned sales team to expert order picking to deliveries to suit your requirements. We take great pride in our lasting relationships with customers which have been built on the core values of impeccable service and unbeatable value. ​ ​ ​ Great customer service As a 4th generation, family-owned and operated company, our goal is not to become the largest distributor, but to be the market’s renowned distributor of choice. We are dedicated to our customers by providing a unique combination of old-school customer service coupled with relevant business solutions focused on your individual business needs. We look at situations from the customer’s point of view, understanding that real solutions provide the customer with what they need to succeed in their business ​ ​ ​ ​ Delivery & Logistics Our fleet of modern multi-temp vehicles enables us to supply customers with all the goods that they require. We operate a multi-day delivery to all of our customers, offering them the ability to get the right stock at the right time to suit their needs. We pride ourselves on the highest service levels; our state-of-the-art system allows us live viewing of our stock levels so our sales team can have full visibility of your required order items ensuring you are never caught unaware of unavailable products. ​ ​ ​ Ordering Our experienced telesales team are on hand throughout the day to handle all of your order requirements. They work in conjunction with your dedicated field sales representative to ensure that your orders are delivered as required. In 2015 we invested significantly in our online ordering system. This enables our customers a quick and easy way to place orders anytime, anywhere. Customers can view a ‘my usuals’ list to enable them to quickly place orders for reoccurring products. Statements and previous invoices can be easily accessed along with our product file in excess of 10,000 products. ​ ​ ​ Our Products National brands, regional items and local favourites all make up our product portfolio. Our carefully selected range includes over 10,000 lines across our multi-temperature categories. From time-honoured and tested brands to the latest innovative products, we aim to surpass our customer's requirements to help them build customer loyalty and grow their businesses. ​ Retail We stock over 6,000 Retail lines, from Confectionery to Snack foods, Soft Drinks, Alcohol, Health & Beauty, Chilled & Frozen. M&P O’Sullivan pride ourselves on our ability to source the best known brands at the most competitive prices and our extensive product range is consistently evolving to match consumer and retailer trends. Fast Food M&P O’Sullivan are the complete Fast Food solution and are considered the ‘go-to’ experts by our suppliers and customers alike. Our unparalleled range provides everything your outlet may need, from Ambient to Chill, Frozen to Packaging. You can get everything you need from one place, saving you time, money and hassle. Our range features the best known brands as well as new and innovative products which have been tried and tested by our industry leading customers. Food Service With more than 8,000 product lines stocked in a modern distribution facility, M&P O’Sullivan provide a local solution to fast, high quality food distribution. Our extensive range of frozen, chilled and ambient products offer chefs and caterers everything they may need, from the big well-known brands to locally produced artisan products. We have the product selection and purchasing power to compete nationally, but it’s our flexibility that allows us to thrive locally. ​ ​ If you're interested in a role in these areas with M&P O'Sullivan then you should email your CV to our Recruitment Consultant, Ryan Blackett: Ryan Blackett Recruitment Consultant (021) 4809118 ​ ​

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Ortec Inc

Ortec is a custom chemical manufacturing and research company that helps our customers reach their market goals through our Technical Expertise, Quality Systems, Environmental Health, Safety, & Sustainability, Stewardship, and Personalized Service. ​ WHY ORTEC? The foundation of Ortec is our talented, dedicated employees. Our commitment to delivering chemical manufacturing services with measurable quality has made us a trusted partner to some of the most familiar names in business. Our success is drawn from the experience, energy and teamwork of our employees, who consistently deliver results by anticipating change and executing solutions with confidence and passion. At Ortec, you’ll be working with the latest technologies and tools, not to mention some of the industry’s best and brightest minds. From the top down, this type of commitment and energy is radiated throughout the company. The result is a growing, dynamic, and rewarding place to work – a company where we work as many and we win as one. We also offer an excellent benefits package. ​ AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER We strive to embrace differences and facilitate inclusion and understanding whether it’s between functions or teams, genders, generations or nationalities. Each and every employee at Ortec has an important role to play in writing the next chapter in our history, and we believe everyone’s opinion and contribution counts. ​ GUIDING PRINCIPLES To help guide our path, we adhere to one core belief, supported by six unwavering principles. Our core belief and supporting principles are not easy to follow. They are uncommon among today’s global workforce, for good reason. They require focus, constant attention and daily selflessness from every Ortec team member. Treat others the way you want to be treated. This includes fellow associates, customers, vendors, partners and community members. As we see it, this one simple phrase encompasses all of our philosophies on how business should be conducted. After all, how we treat other people is what life is all about. We believe strongly that if we do the right thing, we will be successful. ​ JOBS WITH ORTEC We will be recruiting in these areas: Quality Production Laboratory Engineering Maintenance ​ If you're interested in a role in these areas with Ortec then you should email your CV to our Principal Recruitment Consultant, Aisling Lane: Aisling Lane Principal Recruitment Consultant (021) 4809118 ​

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​Want to work with a multinational company? Collins McNicholas, in partnership with Teleflex, is recruiting Customer Service Representatives to add to a team of almost 400 people at Teleflex EMEA Shared Services Centre and Centre of Excellence in Athlone, Co. Westmeath. Current opportunities are available within the Customer Service team for German and French markets. These positions will be based onsite at Athlone, Co. Westmeath. ** Learn more about these opportunities below. ​ Teleflex – improving the health and quality of people’s lives. Teleflex is a leading global provider of medical devices with leading market positions.  They are focused on critical care and surgical procedures and are healthcare providers in more than 140 countries with global operations in 25 countries. Teleflex are renowned worldwide in vascular access (including interventional access), anesthesia, respiratory care, urology, cardiac care, and surgery. Internally, they believe in values of Entrepreneurial Spirit, Building Trust and Make It Fun centered around People-our greatest asset. ​ ​ Diversity at Teleflex Teleflex is fully committed to Equal Employment Opportunity and to attracting, retaining, developing and promoting the most qualified employees. We are dedicated to providing a work environment free from discrimination and harassment, and where employees are treated with respect and dignity. See what employees have to say about life at Teleflex ​ Why work for Teleflex? Teleflex is a global provider of medical technology that helps improve people’s health and quality of life and puts people at the center of everything it does. This not only applies to our customers, but also to Teleflex employees around the world. See Testimonials from our employees below. ​

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