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Interviewer Training

Training to effectively conduct interviews

Do you want to improve your interviewing process?

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Interviewer skills are widely recognised as a crucial skill for those involved in interviewing on behalf of their organisation. This may be for recruitment or increasingly, to assess current employees’ development needs and suitability for promotion.

With 30 years of experience in the recruitment industry, we have invaluable insights into interviewing best practice with our interview training. Our expertise stems from engaging with clients and candidates throughout the entire recruitment process. This programme is reflective of changes we have seen in interviewing, as well as new developments in employment legislation.

The interviewer training programme is delivered by our Occupational Psychology team who are subject-matter experts in this area and are QQI accredited in Training Delivery and Evaluation while being qualified to Masters level in Organisational Psychology.

Interviewer Training

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Our Training Programme

Competency-based interviewer training will help participants generate and implement a consistent, robust approach to interviewing while learning techniques to get the most out of the interview process. This valuable programme offers insights and strategies to make sure you hire the right people.

The programme is tailored to anyone who is involved in the interviewing process; as part of an interviewing panel, at the initial intake and/or internal promotion interviewing stages. This could be management, HR, hiring managers or team members.

Interview Training Programme
The Objectives
  • Understand the purpose of an interview

  • Adhere to a robust process before, during and after the interview

  • Focus on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion practices

  • Develop job descriptions that accurately reflect the role

  • Identify relevant questioning based on the STAR methodology

  • Implement fair and transparent processes by recognising legislative considerations such as GDPR, Equality Acts and Assessor Bias

  • Accurately take notes and rate the candidates using an evidence-based approach

  • Provide a positive interviewee experience

  • Effectively probe the interviewee to gather specific information

Interview Training Objectives
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