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Talent Flex

Temporary Workforce Solutions

Talent Flex™

Temporary Workforce Solutions
  • 1,500 temporary assignments annually

  • 97% satisfaction rate with agency workers

  • Retained Employment Law expert

  • Multi-payroll service provider


Why our clients choose TALENT FLEX™


  1. Remove headcount challenges

  2. Manage planned or unplanned spikes in demand

  3. Evaluate suitability with minimal commitment

  4. Cost effective solution

  5. Take the pain out of payroll


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  • Complete Talent First or Talent Partner recruitment process

  • Issuing of Collins McNicholas contracts

  • Management of the onboarding process

  • Complete outsourced payroll service

  • Point of contact for all employee relations

  • Regular onsite meetings to support agency workers

  • Agency workers engagement programme

*personality profiling available if required.

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