RPO Recruitment Solution

Talent Partner

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Service for High-volume Recruitment

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Talent Partner™

Talent Partner is our outsourced recruitment solution which transfers full ownership of the hiring process to our experienced team of recruitment consultants. This recruitment solution is suitable for volume recruitment and can be delivered on a short-term or long-term basis.


Why our clients choose TALENT PARTNER™


  1. Limited internal recruitment resources

  2. Volume recruitment with tight deadlines

  3. Specialist niche hiring campaign

  4. Cost effective solution

  5. Scalable and agile solution

  6. Outsource the recruitment process


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Recruitment Solutions Ebook


  • SLA consultation to align with your hiring process

  • Dedicated account team

  • Integration with your ATS/CRM

  • Recruitment activity reporting

  • Conduct interviews if required

  • Issuing of employment contracts if required

  • Onsite recruiter support depending on volume

*personality profiling available if required.

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Mary Mullin - Associate Director - Leinster

Mary Mullin

Associate Director - Leinster

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