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  • Why Ireland?

    Choose to Live and Work in Ireland Choose Ireland For many years people used to ask ‘why Ireland’, but increasingly people are beginning to wonder ‘why not?’ With a low corporate tax rate, a booming economy and a talent pool growing in size each year, many major multinational companies are choosing Ireland for their European […]

  • Everything you Need to Know Before Moving

    Living & Working in Ireland Considering a career in Ireland? Here’s all you need to know about moving here.  Starting Your New Job in Ireland Starting Your New Job in Ireland – What You Need to Do Once you accept a job offer in Ireland, it is important to ensure that your tax is dealt […]

  • Choose Galway

    CHOOSE GALWAY Why Galway? Business Family Life Lifestyle Why relocate to Galway? Galway is the largest city in the West of Ireland and offers the perfect mix of exciting city life and beautiful scenery. The city is well known for it’s vibrant atmosphere created by the many buskers and shoppers which occupy the busy streets, while […]

  • Choose Dublin

    CHOOSE DUBLIN Why Dublin? Business Area of Interest Lifestyle Why relocate to Dublin? Dublin offers a vast array of opportunities for everyone from students and grads to experienced and senior jobseekers. It has energetic and welcoming vibes and is home to people from all over Ireland and the world. As Ireland’s capital city, we hear enough […]

  • Choose Cork

    CHOOSE CORK Why Cork? Business Family Life Lifestyle Why relocate to Cork?   Known as the ‘Rebel County’ and ‘The Real Capital’, Cork is the largest county in Ireland. Situated on the picturesque Wild Atlantic Way, it is every photographer’s dream, with rolling hills, hidden coves, and arguably some of the best beaches in the […]

  • Choose Sligo

    CHOOSE SLIGO Why Sligo? Business Family Life Lifestyle Why relocate to Sligo?   Sligo is a hidden gem situated on the Wild Atlantic Way. By combining the hustle and bustle of a major town with the stunning natural beauty of a scenic coast, this small county really does offer the best of both worlds. Furthermore, […]

  • Choose Athlone

    CHOOSE ATHLONE Why Athlone? Business Family Life Lifestyle Why relocate to Athlone? Athlone is located in the centre of Ireland in County Westmeath, and is the largest town in the Midlands. In fact, it is one of Ireland’s largest towns and in recent times has been considered for city status as population increases and the […]

  • Choose Limerick

    CHOOSE LIMERICK Why Limerick? Business Family Life Lifestyle Why relocate to Limerick? Known as the Treaty County, Limerick is the capital of Ireland’s Mid-West and the third largest city in the country, with half a million people living within 1 hours drive of the city. It is one of Ireland’s fastest growing cities with 12,000 new […]

  • Choose Mayo

    CHOOSE MAYO Why Mayo? Business Family Life Lifestyle Why relocate to Mayo? Located on the Wild Atlantic Way, Mayo is the heartbeat of the West. Home to over 130,000 people, Castlebar, Ballina and Westport are the three main hubs in the county. Notably, Mayo is renowned for its rugged landscape and truly wild nature. Still, […]

  • Choose Waterford

    CHOOSE WATERFORD Why Waterford? Business Family Life Lifestyle Why relocate to Waterford? Located in the “Sunny South-East”, Waterford is Ireland’s oldest city and today is home to 53,000 people.  Not only did our 2018 South-East Relocation Survey cite shorter commute times as a reason why people are choosing Waterford, but also the chance of a […]

  • Choose Offaly

    CHOOSE OFFALY Why Offaly? Business Family Life Lifestyle Why relocate to Offaly? Offaly is one of Ireland’s most famous counties. Located in Ireland’s Midlands it is almost equidistant to the cities of Dublin, Waterford, Limerick and Galway, and offers a slower pace of life and lower cost of living.  The River Shannon, Ireland’s longest river, […]

  • Choose Wicklow

    CHOOSE WICKLOW Why Wicklow? Business Family Life Lifestyle Why relocate to Wicklow? Wicklow is known as ‘The Garden of Ireland’ and boasts some of the most amazing scenery the country has to offer.  With a population of over 140,000 Wicklow has become increasingly popular as a location for families and young professionals. The Dart and […]

  • Choose Longford

    CHOOSE LONGFORD Why Longford? Business Family Life Lifestyle Why choose Longford? Longford is situated in the centre of Ireland giving it access to an abundance of resources and amenities. With a low cost of living and shorter average commute time than most counties, living in Longford will allow you to enjoy a healthy work-life balance.  […]

  • Choose Meath

    CHOOSE MEATH Why Meath? Business Family Life Lifestyle Why relocate to Meath? If you choose Meath as your home you will be surrounded by Irish history. Known as ‘The Royal County’, it was once home to the High King of Ireland and many of Ireland’s oldest and most popular arcaeological sites can be found there.  […]

  • Choose Roscommon

    CHOOSE ROSCOMMON Why Roscommon? Business Family Life Lifestyle Why choose Roscommon? Roscommon is located in Ireland’s Midlands, and borders counties Mayo, Galway, Sligo, Leitrim, Longford, Westmeath and Offaly. It’s central location is highly attractive and provides locals with access to many other major towns and attractions nearby. The average commute time in County Roscommon is […]

  • Choose Wexford

    CHOOSE WEXFORD Why Wexford? Business Family Life Lifestyle Why relocate to Wexford? Located in Ireland’s “Sunny South-East”, Wexford is known as the corner-stone of Ireland’s Ancient East. The County has a distinctive settlement pattern with five major centres of population – Wexford Town, Enniscorthy, New Ross, Gorey, and Bunclody. As mentioned in our 2018 South-East Relocation […]

  • Choose Clare

    CHOOSE CLARE Why Clare? Business Family Life Lifestyle Why relocate to Clare? Clare, affectionately known as the Banner County, is a key hub in Ireland’s Mid-West region and is home to a population of around 120,000 people. Of this, 33,613 people are employed in the Services industry that is home to a number of indigenous […]