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Key Traits Of Successful Leaders Blog
Key Traits of Successful Leaders

​Many of us working in talent management are aware of the saying ‘people leave managers, not companies’.​According to the British Psychological Society’s latest research, 43% of HR Professionals ra...

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Assessments: The Future of Recruitment

​As a practitioner of ability and personality assessments, I’ve noticed a major push towards integrating psychometric tools into recruitment processes. Not only is this improving efficiency, but it...

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When Job Candidates Lie In Personality Tests

​“But what if people lie…..”is a question that we are frequently asked when outlining personality inventories as part of arecruitmentprocess. There is always a concern when undertaking a recruitmen...

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How should I prepare for an Assessment Centre or Online Assessment?

​With the increased use of online assessment as a first or second stage of a recruitment process, “How do I prepare for an assessment?” is a question that Collins McNicholas is often asked.What que...