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How to Change Culture, Deliver an ‘Out of Office’ Message and Reclaim Time For Yourself

​Question: I am a manager at a high-paced media company. While I enjoy my job, the pressure is relentless. There are just not enough hours in the day to get all the work done and even when I get ho...

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I Need a Plan of Action to Help Boost Morale and Enthusiasm Among My Flagging Team

​Question: I am a manager in a software company and feel that the team is lacking in morale and general enthusiasm. I want to motivate them and am thinking I need to spend more time planning career...

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Better Quality of Life is Attracting Talent to the Midwest

Marie Aimee Giard, Team Leader at Uber, Limerick – “I’m really happy that I made the choice to move to Ireland and I enjoy my life in Limerick”​​Career opportunities, a better quality of life and l...

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I have to fire an employee – how do I approach this situation with confidence?

​​​Question: I have been a manager of a software company for a number of years. I have successfully dealt with a number of issues, such as confronting people on their performance, etc. However, a m...