Operators in manufacturing setting, man and woman in high vis and hard hats carrying clip board

Operator Assessment Centres

A fair and effective way for employers to assess candidates' aptitude and skills for a role.

​We design and implement a recruitment and selection campaign specifically tailored to improve the quality, efficiency and success of the Operator / Product Builder / Production Operative recruitment process.

The process begins with the design of bespoke materials and selecting appropriate assessments by analysing the competencies and activities required for the role. Collins McNicholas work with the organisation to develop and trial materials prior to assessment centre day.

The operator level assessment centre will incorporate a multitude of assessments to offer a holistic insight into the candidate’s ability and skills and competence for the role and their overall cultural fit to the role and organisation. Generally, a range of Ability and Skills-based assessments will be used such as;

Why Choose Assessment Centres

Assessment centres offer a range of benefits, including increased efficiency, flexibility and less risk

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