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Why Choose Assessment Centres

Choose a reliable and fair process. Assess existing performance and predict future job performance.

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Large Volume Recruitment

​Assessment centres produce double-fold cost saving in terms of resources and finances. They result in a reduced time-to-hire and an optimised candidate shortlist. Assessment solutions also create the opportunity to identify a future candidate pool. This is done by building a database of candidates who may not be a fit for the current role but may have potential when a more suitable role opens at a later date. This again optimises companies savings in terms of time and costs.

Using a multitude of assessment tools provides a breath of data to identify better-fit candidates. Hiring Managers are also presented with an array of information on the candidate so as to determine their ability, soft skills and overall cultural fit. Not only does using assessments in the selection process offer insights into a role, but also allows candidates to decide whether or not it is for them. Additionally, they can see whether they would fit into the culture of the organisation.

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Variety of Assessments

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Reliable & Fair Process

Assessments provide data and insights to help make informed decisions and select the best talent. By using assessments directly related to the tasks performed in a job, it is important to ensure validity in your processes. Unconscious bias is one of the primary bases for legal cases in employment decisions. However, incorporating an objective framework around candidate selection ensures a fair and standardised process is in place so decisions can be made free from bias, minimising the risk of legal action.

Identifying the right cultural fit eliminates the risk of a bad hire and the costs associated with this. Hiring Managers can reduce the number of poor-fit candidates even before the interview process by identifying specific criteria in terms of ability, skills and competencies candidates must have in order to progress onto the interview stage.

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Reduce Cost of Poor Hires

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Candidate Experience & Employer Branding

Candidates are impressed with a process that gives them an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities, attitudes and preferred work style in a fair and objective manner. This will always have a positive impact on the employment proposition and employer branding. Most importantly, upon completion of assessments, candidates have the opportunity to request feedback on their performance. This ensures candidates get something in return regardless of whether they’ve been successful in the role or not. This can especially have a tremendous impact on the recruitment experience and again, employer branding. Overall, having a structured selection process heightens new employees’ engagement and overall performance.

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