lab technician filling vials, skills-based assessments to determine suitability for job

Skills-based Assessments

Structured exercises used to determine the right person for a job by evaluating a candidate’s skill set.

Collins McNicholas specialise in skills-based testing for clients. Skills-based assessments can add value to processes where candidates require an ability to perform a particular skill or set of skills specific to a job or role. Our team is certified in Level A (Ability) testing, a qualification that is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). Please see below an overview of skills-based assessments available.

Dexterity Testing Icon

Measures candidates fine and gross motor skills and ability to work with small product parts and coordination with the fingers, hands and arms. ​The assessment is intended to determine candidates’ level of manual dexterity in simple but rapid eye- hand coordination as well as arm-hand dexterity.
Visual Inspection Icon

Measures candidate’s ability to inspect product against company’s SOP. This can be through the use of a camera or a microscope. The assessment is intended to measure candidate’s judgements about the condition of a unit to be inspected
Manual Assembly Icon

Measures candidate’s ability to correctly assemble component parts within a fixed time period. The assessment is intended for roles which involve product assembly as one of the main duties within their role.

Client Testimonial

“As our staff numbers have grown over the years, we have relied on the team at Collins McNicholas to assist us in identifying new staff at all levels to work with us in Sligo Credit Union. We greatly value their participation in our recruitment process, identifying suitable candidates with talent right through to interviewing and training and most recently introducing the use of aptitude, skills based and psychometric testing into our recruitment and development processes. We specifically found the personality custom reports really added to the interview stage of the process. It has been extremely rewarding to be able to expand our workforce in Sligo from local talent and those wishing to work in the North West – we consider Collins McNicholas to be an integral part of this recruitment process who have always been a pleasure to engage with and with whom we look forward to working with in the future.” 
– Barry O’Flynn, CEO, Sligo Credit Union

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