personality profiling to test cultural fit as part of job application

Personality Profiling

Our unique personality tests allow you to get to know your applicants as real people – not just pieces of paper.

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Job performance is often dependent on personality traits such as a candidate’s drive and motivations, their adaptability, or how they fit into your team or organisation. Assessing a candidate’s personality traits predict performance and future potential in a specific job and organisation.

Personality profiling is a scientific method of determining human personality characteristics and establishes person-job fit across the talent management life cycle. The personality assessment establishes a candidate’s strengths and potential weaknesses, key work styles and motivations. Collins McNicholas develop a bespoke report based on the specific role/department within 24-48 hours of candidate completion.

Collins McNicholas can also assess a candidate’s Emotional Intelligence, which includes how well a person can understand their own feelings and emotions as well as those of others, and how well a person manages their relationships with others. Collins McNicholas can provide a report that indicates the degree to which a candidate’s particular combination of personality traits might be predictive of a range of social and emotional competencies.

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Find out more about Personality Profiling Assessments from our Assessments Team and read our recent testimonials.

Client Testimonials

“Collins McNicholas HR Services Team have worked with us since 2017 providing assessment solutions in a timely and efficient manner for our recruitment needs. The team are exceptionally responsive and can always be relied on to deliver quality service. Psychometric assessments have added remarkable value to our process helping achieve the right cultural fit for our organisation.”

– Sarah Kinsley, Global HRIS & HR Generalist, Transitions Optical

“Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group administered online personality assessments to a number of individuals who were shortlisted for a Director level position here in the Cork Institute of Technology. As per our request, they supervised these assessments in their Cork office and provided all of the materials required. We received written custom reports within 24 – 48 hours of the assessments being completed. The personality assessment added colour to the interview process and offered a deeper insight into the candidate’s preferred style of working. The process certainly helped achieve the right cultural fit for us”

– Ann Sheehan, Cork Institute of Technology


When to Use
  • In recruitment and selection, to identify the best fit candidates

  • In team building, to improve team collaboration and performance

  • In development, to identify key strengths and development needs

  • In succession, to identify top performers and develop future leaders

  • During transitions, to facilitate redeployment and restructuring

Icon When to Use

  • Bespoke report developed within 24-48 hours of completion

  • Off-the-shelf reporting options also available, e.g. leadership derailers, competency report

  • Computerised Web-based application, overseas/out of reach candidates easily assessed

  • It can be unsupervised/supervised​

  • Provides consistency score on candidate’s responses

  • Offered in 39 languages​

  • Reviewed by the British Psychological Society, Psychological Testing Centre

  • Feedback delivered to all candidates upon request

Icon Benefits
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