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Assessments for Internal Development

Promoting from within your organisation

Are you recruiting internally?

Contact Caroline Macklin, our Interim Manager of the People Consulting Team, today about using Assessments as part of your internal recruitment process.

Assessments for Progression and Development

Using scientifically validated assessments will help you assess leadership potential in an objective and fair manner. Using standardised assessments tell you who has the necessary skills, competencies and characteristics to progress within their role.

The use of psychometric assessments can identify the following in current employees:

  • Risk factors and leadership derailers

  • High potential

  • Leadership competencies

  • Developmental indicators 

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What Can We Provide?

  • Collins McNicholas can become as involved in the process as the client company requires. From carrying out pre-selected psychometric assessments on behalf of the client company to outsourcing the entire process

  • Provide assistance in the selection of appropriate testing based on the nature of the role, level of the role, behaviours required and nature of the working environment

  • Link assessments to internal competency framework or established job description as required

  • Provide detailed developmental feedback to candidates using one-to-one coaching feedback sessions and written reports

  • Provide concise feedback to organisation on candidate performance in an agreed format, including interview probing questions as required

  • Assessments administered by a trained and experienced Assessor

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  • Using unbiased and appropriate assessments all candidates will feel that they have been treated fairly, leading to a continued positive environment

  • Developmental feedback and coaching sessions can provide individuals with the tools they need to further their skills and knowledge within the organisation

  • Collins McNicholas provides this service in a confidential and professional manner within guidelines agreed with the organisation

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Contact our People Consulting Team to learn more about our Internal Development Support services