Personality Assessments

Job performance is often dependent on personality traits such as a candidate’s drive and motivations, their adaptability, or on how they fit into your team or organisation. Assessing a candidate’s personality traits predict performance and future potential in a specific job and organisation.

Personality profiling is a scientific method of determining human personality characteristics and establishes person-job fit across the talent management life cycle. The assessment establishes a candidate’s strengths and potential weaknesses in relation to three broad domains: People and Relationships, Tasks and Projects & Drives and Emotions. Collins McNicholas develop a bespoke report based on the specific role/department within 24-48 hours of candidate completion.

  • In recruitment and selection, to identify the best fit candidates
  • In team building, to improve team collaboration and performance
  • In development, to identify key strengths and development needs
  • In succession, to identify top performers and develop future leaders
  • During transitions, to facilitate redeployment and restructuring

When To Use


  • Bespoke report developed within 24-48 hours of completion
  • Computerised Web-based application, oversea/out of reach candidates easily assessed
  • It can be unsupervised/supervised​
  • Built in response style validator
  • Offered in 39 languages​
  • Reviewed by the British Psychological Society, Psychological Testing Centre
  • Feedback delivered to all candidates upon request