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Recruitment Solutions to help you choose a recruitment partner
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"I need recruitment support - how do I choose who to partner with?"

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author:by Rory Walsh

Getting this right from the outset will greatly impact the recruitment process, your brand reputation and the quality of talent joining your business.

You will need to assess the suitability of the recruitment partner, as well as the recruitment solution, to ensure it is fit for purpose.

a)   Considerations when deciding on a Recruitment Agency?
  • Track Record - You want to see a proven track record in delivering similar-scale recruitment projects.

  • Geographical presence - Real value comes with a strong network built over many years.

  • Reputation - Check Google reviews and ask your network.

  • Values and expectation alignment - Through initial calls with the agency, assess whether your values align. They will represent your brand in the market, so having a solid candidate experience will impact your brand for years to come. It is precious, so you want to keep it that way.

  • Extensive sourcing strategy - To add value, you want a varied recruitment campaign encompassing an extensive network/database, advertising on multiple platforms and a multiplatform social media marketing campaign. Ask for details!

b)   What recruitment solution will I choose?

Aligning your needs with the right solution is essential and will get you off to a winning start. The skills shortage in the current market demands various approaches, subject to your hiring needs, to deliver any successful recruitment campaign.

Collins McNicholas offers the following Recruitment Solutions:

  • A one-off hire and under pressure to deliver? Talent First™is the solution for you:

    - Comprehensive talent search on a contingent basis (no placement, no fee). Preferential terms are offered for working with us exclusively.

  • A niche skill set or senior hires? Talent Plus™is the solution for you:

    - A priority recruitment service designed to source senior or niche skills. Retainer invoiced on initiation of the search.

  • Long-term recruitment partner needed or a high-volume ramp-up with aggressive timelines? Talent Partner™is the solution for you:

    - An outsourced solution, transferring full ownership of the end-to-end recruitment process. Suitable for volume recruitment and can be delivered on a short-term or long-term basis.

  • Temporary, flexible or seasonal staff required? Talent Flex™is the right solution for you:

    - Temporary workforce solution (combined with Talent First or Talent Partner, depending on your volume).

Finally, and possibly your most important decision! Do I work with one agency exclusively or hedge my bets and engage with a few agencies?

Whilst going to a few agencies may feel like it is widening the net, more times than not, it will result in less commitment, lower accountability and quality.

Multiple agencies working on the same role will reduce their chance of filling the role, leaving them with the inevitable commercial decision to commit fewer resources to this search.

In the current market, skimming the surface is not enough. You need a partner who takes complete accountability for results, understands your business, culture and roles from the outset and owns this process.

Having a multiple-agency approach will also be more expensive. The current skills shortage market needs one partner with a deep, extensive search campaign being fully accountable for your recruitment and reputation. Make them accountable at a reduced rate, and hold them to it!

If you're an employer interested in working with us as your recruitment partner, you can find out more about our recruitment solutions and contact us here


Rory Walsh - Associate Director - Munster - Collins McNicholas
Rory Walsh
​Associate Director | Munster