Collins McNicholas Jigsaw Charity Partnership

Here’s what we’ve got planned for our partnership with Jigsaw

When it came to our partnership with Jigsaw, we wanted to do things a little differently. While charities like Jigsaw must rely heavily on fundraising, this year we wanted to do more than raise money for our charity of choice. We wanted to get to know the people behind Jigsaw, to get involved with the team, to learn more about the important work that they do and about the challenges that young people are faced within today’s society.

About Jigsaw

Jigsaw is the National Centre for Youth Mental Health. Their aim is to ensure that no young person feels alone, isolated or disconnected from others around them. They provide vital supports to young people with their mental health by working closely with communities across Ireland. They are the only mental health service in the country with an exclusive focus on 12-25 year olds and their services provide young people with a place that they can visit for free and confidential support from trained mental health professionals.

Our Charity Work

Skills Sharing

As we learned more about the charity, from their visits to our 6 offices (thanks Sinead!) and our meetings with their Fundraising Manager (Justin), we realised that as well as fundraising, we could assist their service users with a lot of the daily challenges that we all face, such as how to upskill, how to prepare for an interview or how to compile a good CV.

Our Culture Team (a group of 16 employees spread across our 6 offices) have come up with a whole host of other ideas as to how we can work closely with Jigsaw over the next year – offering their service users advice on how to write a Cover Letter, how to register their employment and avoid being emergency taxed – the things we all should know, but end up spending hours (and many phone calls) trying to figure out!

GDPR & Social Media

As you may already know, GDPR is big for us and to say the least we’ve done a lot of research on the area. For this reason, we also plan to offer Jigsaw, their staff and Youth Advisory Panels advice on how to protect their own data, how to put measures in place to ensure their information is secure and how to make sure their privacy settings are optimised. Our online presence may also help (or hinder) our ability to get a job in the future and so we plan to offer advice on how to utilise social networks when looking for employment.

Collins McNicholas Charity work

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that corporate social responsibility works best when organisations join forces for mutual benefit and societal good. We all stand to benefit from charities such as Jigsaw and the support that they can offer in our communities. For this reason, we are extremely excited to work alongside Justin and the team at Jigsaw.

For more information on Jigsaw please visit their website

Niall Murray

Managing Director

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services