CV Templates

Your CV is crucial in making the right first impression. We have provided some CV Templates to demonstrate how CVs can be laid out to highlight different areas of expertise. Make sure you read our CV Advice before you start compiling your own CV.

Jobseekers at senior level will often have a number of years’ experience behind them, so it may not be possible to describe in detail each position held.  CVs for senior candidates will outline key achievements as the main content, and then describe the day-to-day activities of positions held in chronological format.

 A chronological CV highlights your work history, and is probably the most common of all CV formats.  This CV is mainly used when you have no major time gaps in your work history and have few employment changes.

New college graduates will often have very little relevant work experience to highlight in their CV.  Focus on this type of CV should be given to relevant college placements and technical skills acquired during the course of your qualification.