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“My contact with Collins McNicholas started in the beginning of 2020 through Josh Barnes. Josh approached me with a subcontractor job vacancy relevant to my background and experience. During our contact he understood what I was looking for in terms of compensation and future experiences. The first opportunity did not work out, however, Josh came to me with a new sub-contracting opportunity, which today has become a reality! During the whole process, which lasted at least 3-4 months due to COVID, he was on-hand at all times. He helped me prepare for the interviews and reassured my doubts about the position and the new company. Due to the good work and the responsibility shown by Josh at this time, I referred some friends and colleagues to him, one of whom got an excellent opportunity in an established company. In this way, I faithfully recommend the good work done by Josh Barnes of Collins McNicholas, who at all times was cordial, polite and competent in his work.”


Process Engineer, Cork

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Invest in your career:

We want to ensure that you fulfil your potential as you move from contract to contract. Our consultants identify opportunities for you to upskill and progress in your career.

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We ensure that you have all the information you need before beginning a contract and that there is a mutual understanding of the requirements and nature of the role between both parties.


As a contractor, we will ensure that you fit in seamlessly with the client company and are kept up to date with all relevant information and news. 

Making Contracting Simple

We know that legalities are a key issue to contractors and we reassure that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to compliance. Our partnership with Contracting Plus allows you to relax with the knowledge that all documentation and administration is looked after while you work with one of our clients. This involves a short Contractor Compliance audit, whereby you will be cleared as a fully compliant contractor. Read our guest blog to learn more about the approach we take to compliance here.

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