Competency Based Assessments

How employees behave on the job is directly related to the achievement of job-related objectives. These factors which are not easily assessed at interview add a different dimension to identifying the right person-job fit. Competency based assessments identify people’s behaviours and potential to succeed in a role, and equally those who are not suitable based on the required competencies. Incorporating engaging and interactive assessment exercises add invaluable insights into a candidate’s behaviours, soft skills and overall fit to the role and organisation.


Role Plays

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Can be used to assess candidates carrying out tasks and solving problems similar to those required in the potential role.  A strong targeted role play may also provide a realistic preview of a role and allow the candidate to assess their interest.  Collins McNicholas can create a bespoke role play exercise using an organisation’s processes, tools or scenarios.

Situational Judgement

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Can be used to assess job-related skills other assessments are unable to measure, such as problem solving, decision making and interpersonal skills. Collins McNicholas can develop real-life work situations relevant to the role. Responses are compared to the answers considered to be the right action by ‘subject matter experts’.

Group Exercises

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Can be used to analyse a candidate’s interactions when working as part of a team, leadership skills or group problem solving abilities for example.  Collins McNicholas can design and deliver Group Exercises on behalf of or in conjunction with organisations, including the provision of Assessor support and guidance.

Analysis Presentation

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Can be used to assess a candidate’s ability to glean information or make decisions given a particular scenario and present this information back to the Assessor.  Collins McNicholas can design and deliver assessment using an organisation’s own processes and data or using an off the shelf measure.

Competency Based Interview

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Can be used to assess candidates past experiences when they have performed particular tasks or achieved particular outcomes using certain skills. Collins McNicholas will consult with the client to identify competencies critical to the role to be assessed at interview.

When To Use

Competency Based assessments assist in accurately assessing how candidates perform in everyday aspects of a specific role. Assessing job specific competencies ensures candidates have the necessary soft skills to succeed in a role. Competency based assessments are most often incorporated into the following assessment centres:
Professional Assessment Centres
Graduate Recruitment
Mock Assessment Centres
Operator Assessment Centres


  • Manage candidate expectations of the role with realistic job previews
  • Bespoke design for a specific job/organisation
  • Assess skills not easily viewed at interview
  • Ideal for high volume of applicants
  • Incorporates highly valid measures
  • Promotes employer branding