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‘Getting Ahead’: Expert career advice from those in the know - Jess Kelly

​Jess Kelly is most recognised for being a Radio and TV Broadcaster. She is Newstalk's Technology Correspondent and joins Pat Kenny every Tuesday on The Pat Kenny Show. Jess talks to us about her l...

Collins Mc Nicholas Compustaff Partnership
Collins McNicholas signs partnership with IT experts CompuStaff

​Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group has signed a new partnership with IT recruitment specialists CompuStaff, based in Galway.The deal will see CompuStaff work closely with Collins M...

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Cork is Proving to be a Magnet for Tech Workers

​Cork is Proving to be a Magnet for Tech Workers in Search of Better Career Opportunities, Work-life Balance and Quality of Life.​Seven in ten tech professionals move to Cork for career opportuniti...

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Trends in the ICT sector

​Trends in the ICT SectorThe Expert Group on Future Skills Needs (EGFSN) identified what it termed ‘third platform’ technologies as the key technological developments that would have the biggest im...