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Why You Should Use A Recruitment Consultant

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 5 years ago
  • Author:by Galway Office

​Of late I have found myself explaining to family and friends what I do. I had assumed that when I said I am a Recruitment Consultant, they would know… but this is not the case!

So, in short, we help companies to hire the best people to fit into their organisation, and we help individuals to find jobs that match their profile, but there is a bit more to it.

Everyone comes to a stage in their life when they need to find a new role or make a change in their career, but what is the best way to do it? Can you do it yourself? Of course, and many people do. But why not trust a Recruitment Consultant to find you the best job when so many of the world’s largest companies trust us to find them the best people?

Why would you talk to a Recruitment Consultant when you are looking for a change in career? People often don’t realise what a consultant can do to help in your search for the next great role. We have expertise, we have a network of connections and we have a skill set that helps us to match individuals and organisations – and this can prove beneficial to you.

Here are my top five reasons for choosing to work with a Recruitment Consultant during your job search.

  1. Help from experts with no cost

    1. Help with preparing your CV for application – we see a lot of CV’s and we know what works and, most importantly, what our clients want to see.

    2. Interview Preparation - we will not send you through to meet a client without getting adequate preparation. This can be hugely beneficial if you have not interviewed for some time.

    3. Help with understanding the details around the offer, the content of the contracts and the general process around an application.

  2. Knowledge of the labour market

    1. We have in-depth knowledge of the labour market and where the right opportunities are. We match the candidates and the clients as we understand the right fit for both.

  3. Large network – access to exciting roles coming up in the future

    1. We want candidates to make the right move, even if that means a little wait. We will work closely with you to manage the process and understand what drives you.

  4. Confidential & Trusted

    1. We treat all of your information with the highest degree of confidentiality and follow GDPR guidelines.

  5. Save you time