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Pub Cork Tech Talent Relocation Survey 1
Cork is Proving to be a Magnet for Tech Workers

​Cork is Proving to be a Magnet for Tech Workers in Search of Better Career Opportunities, Work-life Balance and Quality of Life.​Seven in ten tech professionals move to Cork for career opportuniti...

How to tell my supervisor that I'm overworked Blog
I don’t know how to tell my supervisor I’m overworked in my busy public relations firm

​Question: I’ve been working as a manager in a PR agency for five years and have really enjoyed my job until recently. In the past three months my workload – and that of my team – has dramatically ...

Stressed Worker Blog
Can Encouraging People to Take Initiative Actually be Harmful?

​As organizations face uncertainty and rapid change, taking initiative or being proactive is increasingly encouraged. In the main, being proactive is beneficial for both individual employee perform...