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How can I ensure my boss gives me a fair reference when she is unhappy I am leaving?

​Question: I’ve been working in the marketing and sales department of an engineering firm for the last three years. I meet all my quarterly targets; I am a good team worker and have exceeded the ex...

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I was horrified to learn I am paid less than male colleagues – how do I reduce the gap?

​Question: With all the talk about the gender pay gaps in the news recently, I started to wonder if my pay was on a par with my male colleagues so I did a bit of asking around.I was horrified to fi...

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I’m worried about how I’m going to make my mark as a young first-time Team Leader

​Question: I’m in my early 30s and nearly 10 years into a successful IT career. I’ve recently been given the responsibility of managing a team of junior staff. If all goes well, I’ll be offered an ...