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Blog Challenging and Fulfilling Job
My exciting new job has let me down, so how do I make it challenging and fulfilling?

​Question: I left my job with a software company six months ago to take on a more senior role with another firm. The job spec was promising and after the interview it seemed like a company I would ...

Blog Business Handshake
It feels like the time to spread my wings, but should I heed fears about the role on offer?

​Question: I am a senior manager in the MedTech industry and, after 20 years with my current company, I feel it is time to seek new challenges. I’ve been for several interviews and I’ve been offere...

Blog Woman Working on Laptop
Will passing up a promotion when my children were younger ruin my chances this time?

​Question: I am trying to move up in my career but I am worried past decisions may come back to haunt me. Five years ago, when my two children were quite young, I passed up a promotion as it would ...