• Cork is Proving to be a Magnet for Tech Workers

      Cork is Proving to be a Magnet for Tech Workers in Search of Better Career Opportunities, Work-life Balance and Quality of Life.   Seven in ten tech professionals move to Cork for career opportunities – new survey shows 80% of respondents say work/life balance has improved Disposable income has increased for 72% of respondents […]

  • Med Tech Report | Collins McNicholas

    A new report shows that Ireland’s medical technology sector employs over 32,000 people, hosts 18 of the 25 largest Med Tech companies in the world, and has €12.6 billion worth of exports annually, making Ireland the fifth largest exporter in Europe. Ireland develops some of the most sophisticated products in the industry, with particular strengths in high […]

  • South East Relocation Survey 2018

    Quality of life, short commutes and more disposable income reasons top talent are being drawn to the sunny South East Over three quarters of professionals who relocated have more disposal income – new survey shows 95% of respondents say their work/life balance has improved since moving to the South East 64% commute to work in less than 20 minutes […]

  • Better Quality of Life is Attracting Talent to the Midwest

                                  Career opportunities, a better quality of life and lower cost of living is attracting top talent to the Mid-West   Half of all professionals move to Mid-West for career opportunities – new survey shows 93% of respondents happy with their […]

  • Managing Your Job Campaign

    Jobseekers Guide – Managing Your Job Campaign What is a job search campaign? A job search campaign is a structured and consistently employed plan to promote a positive self image and enhance your career opportunities. Key Steps in a Job Search Campaign: • Apply yourself fully to your job search campaign; your job now is […]

  • The ICT Labour Market Report 2016

    This report provides you with all of the recent developments in the ICT sector in Ireland, including skills availability, graduate output, industry trends, regional investment, and our expectations for the year ahead.

  • The North West Relocation Survey 2015

    Find out who has been relocating to the region, why they relocated and what their experience of the region has been. This survey was conducted in partnership with the Sligo Chamber of Commerce.