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The Year in Recruitment 2016

The Year in Recruitment 2016 2016 was another good year for job growth in Ireland. Over the course of the year, unemployment dropped from 8.9% to 7.2%, to reach an eight year low. Foreign Investment IDA Ireland companies performed very well in 2016, with employment by overseas companies almost reaching the 200,000 mark. These companies created just under 19,000 jobs and had the lowest level of job losses in 19 years, giving them a net job increase of 11,842 jobs in 2016. More importantly, every region of the country experienced a net job increase. It is vital that more jobs are created outside of the main urban centres. Dublin has enjoyed strong job growth for a few years but economic recovery has been slower to arrive to the more rural parts of the country. This makes the net job increase in each region by IDA companies particularly significant. International services, financial services, pharmaceuticals and medical devices were all cited by IDA Ireland as sectors that provided robust job growth. Collins McNicholas Director Michelle Murphy emphasised the importance of the projects happening outside of Dublin, particularly in the West: ‘We are seeing more large scale investment in regional locations. Companies such as Zeltiq and Siteminder, both of whom invested in Galway this year, are realising the depth of talent that is available throughout the country. The quality of the workforce, combined with lower overall costs, makes these locations attractive to multinationals investing in Ireland, and in the process generate vital regional employment.’ Migration Ireland has experienced net inward migration for the first time since 2009. Irish nationals, however, continue to experience net outward migration, but...
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Time to Make a New Year Career Resolution

Time to Make a New Year Career Resolution Like most people I make new year’s resolutions, and like most people by the end of January they lie in ruins. The changes I so desired to make just a few weeks earlier have failed to materialise as I let myself slip back into old habits, consoling myself with the thought that I was being unrealistic with my plans in the first place. It doesn’t have to be this way. What you need is a plan, a roadmap that will give you the structure you need to stay disciplined in pursuit of your goals. If your new year’s resolution is to progress your career, you cannot afford to be casual in the way you pursue it. You don’t want to be putting the same resolutions on next year’s list too. Most people think that all they have to do is update their CV, send it out to a few agencies, and sit back and wait for the job offers to come in. They are wrong. If you are serious about developing your career in 2017 here are 9 things you can do: Set Goals– how can you progress your career without taking some time out to think about what you want to do? Decide where you want to be in five years and figure out what you need to do to make it happen. Speak to people who are currently doing that job and find out how they got there. Update your CV – your CV needs to to be clear and easy to read. Hiring managers don’t have time to comb through your CV looking for the right information,...
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