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Salary Guide 2017

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Half-Way Point Shows Positive Employment Trends for 2017

Half-Way Point Shows Positive Employment Trends for 2017 Collins McNicholas has seen a 6% growth in registered job vacancies in the first half of 2017 compared with the first half of 2016. The number of candidates registered with Collins McNicholas is up by 24% in the same period. The growth in jobs shows a buoyant job market with candidates willing to switch jobs to take advantage of more promising opportunities. Collins McNicholas opened its Limerick office in February this year and that has partly contributed to the increase in candidates. However, candidates have more confidence in the job market now and they are seeing lots of opportunities out there. The unemployment rate for June 2017 was 6.3%, down from 6.7% in January 2017 and down from 8.3% in June 2016. The government expects the unemployment rate to fall below 5% next year. Brexit offers both a challenge and an opportunity with more companies in the UK considering relocating to Ireland. Foreign investment has continued to grow and IDA Ireland has reported a comparable financial investment from FDI as in 2016 but with a greater number of jobs being created. Job announcements from FDI approvals have risen from 9,000 in the first half of 2016 to 11,000 in 2017. Announcements from Microsoft of 600 jobs, and Zendesk of 500, show the demand for technology professionals is still growing strong. Financial services and life sciences continue to perform well – Northern trust announced 400 jobs for its Limerick office and MSD announced 330 jobs for its Carlow and Cork sites. Niall Murray, Managing Director of Collins McNicholas, commented on the labour market by saying, ‘it has been a very...
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I Need a Plan of Action to Help Boost Morale and Enthusiasm Among My Flagging Team

I Need a Plan of Action to Help Boost Morale and Enthusiasm Among My Flagging Team   Question: I am a manager in a software company and feel that the team is lacking in morale and general enthusiasm. I want to motivate them and am thinking I need to spend more time planning career development options for the team. Do you have any tips for me that I can put in place in order to focus on career plans for the team and rebuild the morale?   Answer: Motivation is a constant juggling act for managers and company leaders – your team may have the expertise you need but if they are not motivated, you are not going to get the best from them. When the team is motivated, there is a flow in the work process, there is positivity in the air and people look forward to coming into work. Motivated people are highly adaptable, open to change and always project a positive attitude at work. They speak highly of the organisation, which builds the brand and reputation, have less absenteeism, work with a sense of urgency and really want to increase their performance to ensure the organisation reaches their objectives. There is a difference between extrinsic motivation (salary, bonuses, time off) and intrinsic motivation (personal desire to achieve, career development, promotion opportunities, challenging projects, etc.) Sometimes companies feel the extrinsic motivators are the key drivers when more often than not intrinsic motivators are more important. Every team member will be different so it is important to get to know your people. Your team needs to know you are investing in their careers so a review of company policy on career development is imperative....
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