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Helping a New Team Leader Rise to The Challenge After a Rocky Start

Helping a New Team Leader Rise to The Challenge After a Rocky Start Question: I’m the senior manager in a MedTech firm. I promoted another staff member to team leader after he showed exceptional skill during a successful trial period. Eight weeks into his role, two team members have raised issues about his leadership qualities. I promoted him because of his high standard and think he will be a fantastic role model. I want to see him do well, and inspire confidence. How do I bring this up without causing tension between him and his team? Answer: Leading a team long term requires a specific set of skills. But many who are successful at a senior level struggle to make the transition from management of operations or projects to people management. Often training, mentoring and on-going support are required to assist them. 1 Why is this issue arising now? As the team leader has successfully completed a trial period, consider what is the difference between the environment now and during that period. Is the workload heavier? Are there stresses now that did not exist before? While other team members are citing issues with their direct-line management, perhaps there are other issues. Gather information on the performance of the team, attendance records and project requisitions. Garner informal feedback from other team leaders or managers. An overall barometer of the composition and performance of the team will allow you to ascertain if the issue is with the direct line management of the team or with the more strategic issues of the allocation of workload, stress management or more complex dynamics within the team itself. 2 Initiate a coaching-based conversation Organise a confidential space to...
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My Two Week Work Experience with Collins McNicholas

My Two Week Work Experience with Collins McNicholas I walked out of my final college exam with a gleaming smile on my face. No more exams or lectures, I was ready to join the real world. Earn my keep and begin my career path. However, not only was I an excited graduate, but a confused graduate, with an interest in HR and Marketing. Having returned from my J1, I set about sending out my CV. I submitted my CV to Collins McNicholas. The following day I received a call from Director Michelle Murphy, she spoke to me about my CV and offered me the position to cover one week’s holiday leave at reception in the Galway Office. I jumped at the opportunity and started the following week as I knew this would be an invaluable experience. Everyone on the Collins McNicholas team was extremely welcoming and were happy to help when I had any questions for them. Aside from my duties at reception, the Collins McNicholas team invited me to help at a recruitment fair they were holding and also to sit in on the interview process, as they knew I held an interest in HR. As my week at Collins McNicholas came to a close, I was invited to return the following week, spending one day in the Galway office to see how the assessment centres were run, and to spend the rest of the week in the Sligo office with the Marketing Department. On Monday I observed an assessment centre run by HR Manager Caroline Ward and HR Consultant Emma Woods. They spoke with me about the different methods used to test various capabilities that...
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