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Collins McNicholas Host Networking Event in Eindhoven

Collins McNicholas Host Networking Event in EindhovenOn the 7th of September 2017, Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group hosted a successful Irish networking event in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Over the past decade we have placed over 300 engineers in The Netherlands, so the purpose of the event was to bring the Irish community in Eindhoven and surrounding areas together to celebrate the success of all our placements in the region, to check their progress since moving out there and ultimately to encourage them to network with each other and strengthen the Irish community there. The event was held in the surreal setting of PSV Eindhoven’s Philips Stadium, where we had access to the dressing rooms, warm-up area and pitch-side. The dressing rooms presented an ideal atmosphere for everyone to get to know each other over some finger food and drinks on the house, and the feedback from those who attended was extremely positive. The evening began with introductions and complimentary snacks. The atmosphere was very casual and allowed us all to get to know each other, and the staff in the arena were exceptional. As the night moved on we raffled off two-tickets for the All-Ireland Football Final, which went down extremely well with our guests needless to say, before concluding with some words of thanks. It was refreshing to learn that all the people we have helped to place in The Netherlands have been treated brilliantly out there and settled in quickly. If you would be interested in a move to The Netherlands check out our webpage or get in touch with us today.                         Nicola Egan Recruitment Consultant Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group...

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It’s a 366 day kind of year, how will you spend your extra 24 hours?

You know it only comes around once every four years, but what you don’t know is whether this could be the year you land your dream job! For many job seekers, job hunting often means submitting so many applications that your head begins to hurt and your brain numbs up from keeping track of numerous applications. It also means listening to uninvited advice from your parents, friends and everyone with an opinion who all say the same thing: Keep on trying. If the advice is starting to sound more like a broken record, perhaps this year is the time you go out and get your dream employer to hire you. After all, if women can ask their men to marry them this year, what’s stopping you from asking an employer to give you a job? Of course, it won’t be as easy as rocking up to your potential employer’s door and dropping your CV. The key is in growing your network so it’ll be easier to increase the number of opportunities that come across your radar. Identify who you need to talk to: Online groups are great sources for spotting the people who could lead to a new job. LinkedIn & Facebook groups are a great way to connect with your industry peers. Direct your networking efforts so that you land informational interviews with people who are working and will keep you in mind in the future. For instance, if you’re a graduate or entry-level professional, you should contact people who are managers, and if you’re looking for a mid-level position, you need to contact people in senior management. Get emailing Email is...

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