“A New Year, A New You!”

How many times have you heard that phrase before in relation to New Year’s resolutions?  Dozens I’ll bet, but going to the gym 4 times a week soon starts to wear thin!  Let’s change it to “A New Year, A New Job”.

The Christmas & New Year period can be a good time to think about the “health” of your career……Are you stuck in a rut?  Have you been doing the same thing for years?  Are you reaching your full potential?  If the answer to these questions is yes, yes and no, (in that order) then it might be time to take a look at your CV in advance of the busiest time of the year recruitment-wise.

There are lots of things to remember when reviewing your CV and it would probably take a year to list them all here, but here are some of the top tips:

  • Presentation is everything – if a recruiter doesn’t like the look of your CV for some reason (e.g. hard to read, lacking in information, poorly formatted), then they won’t read it – they will simply move on to the next CV from the person who has taken the time to make sure theirs is worth reading
  • Be clear and concise – use bullet points to list your responsibilities..…your CV is not a book so there shouldn’t be any lengthy paragraphs in it
  • Don’t assume – recruiters will be looking for specific things when reviewing your CV, so it’s important you tell them what you’ve done and how well you have done it
  • Keep your language simple – jargon, acronyms and company-specific references will only serve to confuse
  • Tailor your CV to the job you are applying for – if you have multiple strings to your bow, make sure that you are highlighting the most relevant experience for job
  • Read your CV before you send it – and don’t just rely on spellcheck!  Review the document for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, etc., and it’s a good idea to have someone else cast an eye over it also in case you missed anything

These are just some of the top tips for reviewing your CV, there is lots of other advice to consider such as the type of language to use, how best to layout your CV, how to construct a cover letter, etc.  Why not visit the CV Advice section of our website to get some more information, and when you’ve updated your CV you can send it through to us to let us know that you are on the lookout for a new job!


Alison Tait

Recruitment Consultant

Collins McNicholas – Cork Office