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TEAM Precision Pipe Assemblies

TEAM Precision are UK Manufacturers of manipulated pipes & assemblies. From their Ammanford, Carmarthenshire-based 45,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, in the heart of West Wales, they have experts in precision metal tube manipulation and high-volume finished assemblies.

TEAM’s goal is to provide cost-effective tubing solutions for a wide variety of energy transfer applications which require the movement of gas or liquids. All jigs and fittings are made on-site to ensure the shortest lead times and to ensure that the most cost-effective solutions are provided to their customers

What’s the Process?

Their talented and multi-skilled engineers and operators cut and manipulate a variety of tube materials including aluminium, copper, steel and stainless steel to provide customers with the perfect design solution for their needs.

TEAM’s facilities enable them to create the most appropriate working environment for each project, utilising the most suitable processes in order to maximize efficiency. In essence, the way we apply their processes is geared towards giving the best quality results for our customers.

Their Process

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