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Tailoring your CV, making it as relevant as possible to the job advert, is vital in order to earn yourself an interview or to progress to the next round of the hiring process.

On many occasions, job seekers send the same CV out for every job they apply for. This just doesn’t work. No two employers are going to look for the exact same skills and experience. So, it’s important to customise the CV, highlighting particular skills and experience that are applicable to the job advert.

What to do

My advice would be to save a generic CV to your computer, which can be quickly tailored or amended to suit the job being advertised. This should contain your personal details, introduction/career objective, education, employments history, skills etc. Basically, everything about your career to date.

Then, when you come across the job opportunity which is perfect for you, you customise the CV to highlight your relevant skills and experience:

  • Read the job spec in detail

Print out the job spec and read it thoroughly! Your aim here is to identify particular skills, experience or personal characteristics that they are looking for. Read through it carefully and write down what you feel is important.

  • List your skills and experience relevant to the role

Write down your own relevant skills and cross-check them against what you have identified in the job spec. The list you come up with is what’s going to make your CV stand out to the hiring manager.

  • Customising a CV

Make the necessary changes and additions to your CV. Position the most important parts well, making them stand out.

The hiring manager will have a lot of CVs to go through. They may just scan down through the document, looking for keywords. It’s important that these keywords are well-positioned and visible on your CV.

Best of luck!

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Mary Mullin

Associate Director – Leinster

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group