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The number of job vacancies listed with Collins McNicholas increased by 24% in 2015, and the number of candidates registering increased by 14%.

Managing Director Niall Murray commented, ‘Collins McNicholas had a strong 2015 in terms of placements with vacancies rising significantly compared with 2014. This reflects the broader improvement in the national economy. Employment fell from 10.2% to 8.8% over 12 months to December 2015. This drop-in unemployment and the expected GDP growth of, according to the OECD, 5.6% for 2015 and 4.1% in 2016, will lead to continued growth in job vacancies.’

According to Niall Murray, ‘we are seeing improvements in job prospects across a broad range of sectors, with the strongest growth being seen in IT, medical devices, human resources and biopharmaceuticals. However, there has also been an increase in a variety of professions due to Ireland experiencing multinational investment in shared services centres. These centres often provide multilingual customer service support, as well as a host of back-office systems, creating demand for a wide variety of skills.’

IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland both enjoyed record years in 2015 and this has had a considerable knock-on effect for the overall economy. The IDA created 11,833 net jobs, a 66% increase compared with 2014. Enterprise Ireland had a net increase in jobs of 10,169. What is most important about these figures is that the gains were not confined to Dublin, as in previous years. 64% of the jobs created by Enterprise Ireland were outside of Dublin. Similarly, the IDA, which has emphasised the importance of creating jobs in different regions, had 53% of the new jobs it created located outside of Dublin.

Collins McNicholas has witnessed this greater flow of new jobs to the regions first hand. ‘Certain sectors are more likely to set up in regional locations. Medical device, pharmaceutical, and other types of manufacturing companies will be inclined to set up outside of the main urban centres because they will benefit from lower rents. Urban areas outside of Dublin are also becoming known for certain types of activities, developing clusters of expertise that add to the attractiveness of these locations for the larger multinationals. Galway has long been associated with medical device manufacturing, Cork has a burgeoning IT sector and Limerick has experienced investment from biopharmaceutical companies in recent years,’ according to Collins McNicholas Director Michelle Murphy.

With a renewed focus in state agencies on creating more employment opportunities in regional locations and the expected growth in the economy, Collins McNicholas is anticipating another strong year for the company. Collins McNicholas Director Antoinette O’Flaherty stated, ‘we have experienced considerable growth over the last few years in both job vacancies and candidate registration. Early indications in 2016 suggest that these trends are set to continue.’

Niall Murray

Managing Director

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services