With all that is currently happening around the world, it is easy to feel stressed. Earlier today I asked my friend how she was dealing with all the lifestyle changes we are experiencing, and she told me she felt like ‘2007 Britney Spears having her meltdown’, so I thought that I could help by offering my top tips to reduce stress. 

We all know how it feels to be so stressed that you can’t concentrate on tasks at hand. It can lead to very anxious feelings. The current shift to remote working will impact people in different ways, including increased stress levels as we juggle working from home with minding our families, checking in on our friends and hoping that life will be back to normal soon.

Stress looks different to everyone but it most commonly can be found depleting energy levels and causing physical symptoms like headaches, chest pain, upset stomach and can even be the root cause to troubled sleeping patterns.

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Here are some very simple, and often forgotten, strategies to help you cope better with stressors:




Get moving

Get out on your lunch breaks when you can. Exercise lifts your mood, can sharpen focus and increases energy levels. Even a simple change like switching to a standing desk can make the world of difference. It doesn’t need to be strenuous exercise!

Lean on your friends and family for support

We all have phones and apps now that allow us to FaceTime our family and friends no matter where they are. The most important time to speak with the people you are close with is when you don’t feel like talking to anyone – so pick up the phone today and make that call home. Even brief conversations with loved ones can help you to relax you and perk you up. You won’t regret it!

Crank up the tunes

Listening to music has been proven to lower blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety, so why not create a playlist of songs that ignite the fire in you or relax you completely. It works for me!

Choose more nutritious foods:

Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids like salmon, mackerel or chia seeds are proven mood enhancers, so don’t be afraid to over indulge!

Hit the hay

A good night’s sleep can cure a LOT! You should aim for 7/8 hours a night and if you want a complete and utter game changer – turn off all screens one hour before bed. If you try it and don’t feel like you’ve slept better I’ll eat my words!!

The times we are in are foreign territory for most. Don’t sweat over things that are out of your control because it won’t make a stitch of difference to the outcome.  Get rid of the negative thoughts and start preaching some positivity – you’ll soon find out how infectious it is.  Trust the process and the rest is out of your hands. 

If all else fails – buy some lavender!

For more tips to help reduce stress please visit our guest blog by productivity coach Niamh Brady! How do you reduce stress levels?