As a graduate in today’s economic downturn, it can be quite difficult to find the right job, as competition is higher than ever before. You have to stand out from the crowd and have an idea of where you want to go and focus on that. It is very important to sell yourself through your CV and preparation is the key to a good interview.  Through a successful recruitment process and receiving a job offer, this is very beneficial as you are now entering the working world and all your hard work through many years of education is starting to pay off.

Personally, I was extremely lucky to find a position so soon after finishing my final year and within an area that I wanted to work in – Recruitment. A lot of hard work went into this – I had been researching and networking within the industry a lot and my business degree majored in HRM, so I knew the direction I wanted to head in and focused on it.

Starting a new job is very exciting for anybody, no matter how much experience has been gained in the working world. As a graduate newly out of college (2 weeks) I was ecstatic and ready to go. After endless years of education and part-time jobs, I was ready to start a full-time position and there was so much I wanted to learn and be involved in within an organisation. 

I encourage all graduates to attend networking events, conferences and seminars relevant to their industry of interest. Graduate and recruitment fairs are also very beneficial and you will pick up useful job searching techniques as well as getting the opportunity to meet employers and make new contacts.

Working full time brings a great sense of responsibility to graduates. Internships are a great way of gaining real-world practical experience and a great way to build your CV. An intern, who works hard and provides genuine value to the employer, may be rewarded with a future position within the company.

Candidates with a range of skills will be at an advantage when applying for a job. Therefore it is important that you not only market the skills required for that position but also demonstrate your skills in other relevant areas and impress your potential employer. Employers will be impressed by a candidate who is willing to continuously improve themselves and go above and beyond the basic requirements of their job.

For further job-seeking advice, please download our Jobseekers Guide and for excellent CV and interview tips click here.


Nicola Egan

Principal Consultant & Team Lead

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group