In recent years there has been an increase in what is termed “gamification” in the assessment process.  This refers to using gaming technology and themes traditionally associated with computer or video games to form an assessment during the recruitment process.  This can involve building simulated online versions of the potential work environment, developing interactive games and trying to incorporate “fun” into the assessment process.  A recent article in “Assessment & Development Matters” pointed to the Marriott Hotel Group, L’Oreal and several other multinational highly respected graduate and high volume employers as favouring this method of assessment for recruitment. It might be fun and engaging but is it effective?

Why use gaming technology as part of the process?

  • Organisational brand can be promoted throughout the assessment “game”.
  • High potential to provide a realistic preview of the role for candidates by providing an interactive simulation of the work environment.
  • Assessments can be completed remotely and with limited supervision.
  • It’s “fun”!

What are the potential risks?

  • Bias toward younger candidates or those interested in gaming as a hobby.
  • May create a distance between candidates and the hiring company by limiting real communication.
  • Possibility of losing sight of the role’s competencies in the midst of creating a visually impressive tool.
  • Further testing required to prove the process works.

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