Our team recently travelled to The Netherlands to research engineering career opportunities for graduates and experienced engineers.

Collins McNicholas Team at ASML

Collins McNicholas Team at ASML

A group of us have just returned from another very successful visit to The Netherlands where we held meetings with our recruitment partners and got to visit some of their clients as well as getting to sample some of the delights Eindhoven has to offer. It was a short trip but was very beneficial. Meetings were arranged with teams from the areas of Manufacturing Engineering, Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, R&D, Food & Pharma and Oil & Gas. This was a great opportunity to discuss the requirements that are desired and the expected high demand for 2014. Aileen Lalor, Caroline Dowling, Jane Hendry and Nicola Egan visited ASML the largest supplier in the world of photolithography systems for the semiconductor industry. Here we got to meet Irish engineers we had placed and listen to their stories and their experience of the transition from working or being a fresh graduate in Ireland to working in a huge global Hi-Tech company in The Netherlands. As well as meeting them we got to appreciate the sheer vastness of the ASML site which is still being extended, and currently employs c. 10,000 employees.

Another highlight for some members of the team was our visit to Phillips Stadium, home to PSV Eindhoven where we had a very enjoyable lunch and got to experience what it’s like to sit in a corporate box, if only for a few minutes.

At the PSV Home Stadium

Our visit to Phillips Stadium, home to PSV Eindhoven.

View from the Corporate Box

At the PSV Home Stadium, View from the Corporate Box













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