More and more organisations are searching for efficient, cost-effective and creative methods of selection for recruitment.  When time and resources are limited and deadlines are tight, why use psychometric assessments?

Psychometric assessment may be used as part of a recruitment process to provide an objective and fair measure of an individual’s current ability and future potential (verbal, numerical or spatial reasoning or manual dexterity for example) or work preferences (style, situation, approach).


  • The cost of a poor hire is estimated at up to three times the salary of that individual, not to mention the impact on overall employee morale.
  • Additional time spent on recruitment by Hiring Managers can be used on other priority projects.
  • A poorly conducted recruitment process can impact future applicants and create a negative impression of the organisation in the wider community.
  •  Both ethically and legally it is vital that the recruitment process is conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

This type of assessment can provide:

  • Opportunity to measure ability in areas identified as key to success in the role (e.g. high level of numerical ability for Accountants).
  • Ability to observe and measure candidates completing tasks and using skills absolutely necessary for a role (e.g. fine motor skills or hand-eye coordination for a Lab Technician, Manufacturing Operator or Assembly role).
  • Provides candidates with a preview of tasks they will be required to complete as part of the role (e.g. Dealing with complex customer queries or complaints in a positive and efficient manner).
  • Motivation, Interest and Personality Inventories, in particular, can provide information for probing at interview.
  • Ensures Standardisation of Recruitment or Development Process
  • All candidates can receive feedback on their performance in a standardised way, including developmental feedback.
  • Increased candidate satisfaction and investment in the process.
  • Proven Reliability and Validity –Tests are measuring the ability they say they are going to measure and are proven to be the same across test groups.

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