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As Valentine’s Day passes us by for another year, the florists across the country are left rubbing their hands together with the late onslaught of desperate romantics looking to gain some brownie points. However, for many, Valentines triggers people to ask themselves “will I ever find the perfect match?”

The same can ring true for many people within their professional careers. The days of staying with one employer for the entirety of your career appear to be dwindling as people are now moving jobs more frequently in search of that “perfect match”.  The question is what tools are in place to aid professionals and companies alike to find that right “fit”.

For jobseekers, I would strongly advise that you do your research before entering an application process. This research can take many forms. If you are dealing with an agency; always probe the recruiter on specifics that matter to you, be it the culture of the organisation, work/life balance or career progression opportunities. Where possible I would also advise jobseekers to speak with employees of the prospective organisation. Recently we have also seen the introduction of company reviews on the web, two of the most popular being and Glassdoor. These are worth checking out and are something that I believe will become more prevalent in jobseekers’ research in the coming years.

Check out your own company’s review using one of the links below or better still add a review to aid potential jobseekers.



For employers, it is just as important to ensure that you get the right employee “fit”. Ensuring you get the right skill set is of paramount importance but so is ensuring you get the right personality to fit in with your organisations culture. This is where the Psychometric Assessment fits into the recruitment process. We have seen more and more clients include personality, motivation and interest inventories in their process, helping them to identify potential employees’ preferred work style and cultural fit. When I explain why this is part of the process to candidates, I simply say that the company wants to make sure you are the right fit for their organisation but also want to make sure that they are the right fit for you. These assessments can provide long term cost-saving measures in terms of employee retention and help to develop a strong company culture based on common principles.

For more information on psychometric testing please do not hesitate to contact our HR Services Manager Emma on (085) 8868528 or email

For those of you in search of that “perfect match” we at Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services are lucky to partner with some the country’s leading organisations – get in touch to find out what opportunities we have that may help you find that elusive ‘soulmate’!


Michael O’Brien

Cork Branch Manager

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group