Shown: Padraic White (Chair) Antoinette O’Flaherty (Director),Justin McDermott (Jigsaw Fundraising Manager), Hollie Hastings,Michael O’Leary Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group and Jigsaw, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health, are teaming up for the coming year for their ‘A Piece of Our Time for Jigsaw’ partnership. This charity partnership will see Collins McNicholas’ staff engage with Jigsaw across a wide variety of activities including volunteering, skill share, fundraising and raising awareness of Jigsaw’s work supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people across Ireland.

Padraic White (Chair), Antoinette O’Flaherty (Director), Justin McDermott (Jigsaw Fundraising Manager), Hollie Hastings, Michael O’Leary

We recently announced our charity partnership for 2018/2019 and we’re thrilled to be committing ‘A Piece of our Time’ to the charity Jigsaw – the National Centre for Youth Mental Health. Here’s why our group chose Jigsaw and why we think it’s such an important charity to support.

1. Supporting Our Youth

When choosing a charity to work with this year, we as Directors of the group decided to take a step back and ask ourselves why we were really doing this. We didn’t want this to be just a ‘tick the box’ exercise. Something that other companies are doing, so we better too. This is one of the reasons why myself, Antoinette and Michelle decided to leave the decision in the capable hands of our staff and ask them to vote on the company’s charity of choice for 2018/2019. Our Culture Team had a big input in the research and decision-making process and we are extremely grateful to them for this. We’re delighted that in the end, they chose to partner with Jigsaw. It was a charity we all connected with and one that means a great deal to us all. Many of us are parents and therefore have a responsibility to ensure support is available for our own children, today and well into the future. For this reason, Jigsaw is a very special charity to us.

2. Our Employees

It was also important to us that our employees connected with the charity and really got a sense of the brilliant work that Jigsaw do for young people across Ireland. Many of our team have children of their own, as well as siblings, some of which fall into the age bracket that Jigsaw concentrate their support on specifically (12-25) and so we’re delighted to see that this is something all of our employees really got on board with and are extremely supportive of. Claire O’Donnell in our Galway office recently took the time to visit one of the Jigsaw hubs for a talk which focused a lot on the online pressures young people are faced with today. Afterwards, Claire commented, “In today’s age of social media when people are becoming more connected online, but more isolated in real life, I think it’s vital to have services like Jigsaw to support the youth of today. Young people nowadays face additional pressures both online and offline and Jigsaw offer essential health services to help them cope.” One key thing the Collins McNicholas group learnt from meetings with Jigsaw was the importance of talking about mental health. Jigsaw also want to make sure young people are aware of where to go to for help. We have 56 employees in the Collins McNicholas Group today and the team is continuously growing. That’s 56 people, spread across 6 different regions of Ireland, talking about mental health and promoting the hard work that Jigsaw does. It’s a small start we know, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Collins McNicholas Charity Partnership

3. Our Community

Furthermore, as employers, we have a responsibility towards each of our communities. Today, everyone (whether directly or indirectly) is affected by mental health. Today Jigsaw has 13 hubs nationwide where people, aged 12-25, can go for support. 13 hubs might seem like a lot, but it’s still not enough, especially with the age group we’re referring to when many might not be old enough to drive or if they are, they may not have access to a car. Hubs like these need to be readily available and accessible. We hope in the future we will see Jigsaw grow and expand their services even further. I for one hope that we will see a Jigsaw hub in Sligo one day.

We are thoroughly looking forward to working closely with Jigsaw and will keep you up to date on events, fundraisers and activities organised by the charity that you can support too.

For more information on Jigsaw please visit their website


Niall Murray

Managing Director

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services