Original Philips HQ in Eindhoven

Where it all started – Original Philips HQ in Eindhoven, now being redeveloped into a multi-purpose region

Sean Gannon, Collins McNicholas Regional Manager at ASML HQ

Sean Gannon, Regional Manager, Collins McNicholas at ASML HQ, Veldhoven

Lots of Graduate Engineering Opportunities still in Eindhoven and now the opportunity to join GAA’s newest football club, Eindhoven Shamrocks in the European GAA Championship

We have just returned from a trip to Eindhoven this week, where we visited our recruitment partner and met with many Irish Engineers.

We are delighted to see the formation of a new GAA club, ‘Eindhoven Shamrocks’, which is being formed as a result of the number of Irish Graduate Engineers who have commenced a rewarding Engineering career and settled into life in Eindhoven in recent years.  We have all been saddened to hear of the challenges faced by a large number of GAA clubs as a result of recent emigration causing a reduction in the number of players available.  However, it is heartening to see the tradition is being kept alive and spreading to new locations by Ireland’s current band of ambassadors who are certainly enhancing the reputation of Ireland’s technology and engineering graduates overseas.  Much more news to follow on ‘Eindhoven Shamrocks’ as the team starts to develop and training commences.

Eindhoven and South Netherlands, in general, continues to have a strong demand for graduate engineers who are motivated to develop a career in any of the following areas; Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Computer Engineering / Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Research and Development (Theoretical Physics, Experimental Physics, Plasma Physicists, Laser Engineers, Optics, Mathematics), Mechatronics Engineers, Test Engineers or Field Service Engineering, to name a few.  Positions are within global organisations that are at the leading edge of technological advancement.

And now, for those that have the desire, a short flight from Ireland can offer opportunities to launch or progress your engineering career and continue to be involved in the European GAA community.

For more information on Eindhoven Shamrocks GAA Club or engineering opportunities in Eindhoven / South Netherlands, please contact our Athlone office at athlone@collinsmcnicholas.ie.


The road into Eindhoven

Dark clouds overhead, you will not have too much trouble adjusting to the climate if you relocate to Eindhoven