On Thursday 5th and Friday 6th of June, my colleague Aileen Lalor and I attended the Localization World Conference in The Convention Centre, Dublin.


Over 600 attended the Localisation World Conference in Dublin, June 5th – 6th 2014.

We were fortunate to have a stand in the main foyer as people gathered to enter the main exhibition and various seminar halls, this enabled us to network with the 600 plus attendees and get an understanding of the companies they worked for.

Thursday morning started fantastically as we spoke with a number of highly influential people in the Localization industry. We had a coffee and in-depth chat with Ulrich Henes (President, Localization World) who explained the general format of the conference and what he wanted to take away from it – it was extremely motivational to hear an expert in his field speaking with such passion about the industry.

We thought the day couldn’t go any better until we attended the keynote speech by Magnus Lindvist (Pattern Recognition). Magnus is regarded as one of the top 3 most influential people within the Localization and Change Management arena.

His passion, enthusiasm and general charisma had the 600 plus audience hanging on his every word as he used layman’s terms language and metaphors to explain the current trends and patterns in business around the globe. I suppose the best way to describe his performance and speech would be a mix of razor-sharp wit mixed with business savvy expertise. It was fitting that he received a standing ovation at the end and I would encourage anyone to jump at the opportunity to see him speak, as you will leave with a better understanding of business trends and also a few razor-sharp “one-liners” to share with colleagues and friends.



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Frankie Fields
Senior IT Recruitment Consultant
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