Your Job Search To-Do List


Start networking – work on your list of contacts.


Research the job market.


Work on your Unique Selling Points (USPs).


Develop and perfect your 30 second sales pitch.


Identify target companies.


Dedicate certain times/days to concentrate on your job search.


Set targets for number of applications to make, people to contact, companies to visit and events to attend.


Keep accurate records of all applications – use tracking sheet.


Use all or most of the ten job searching methods we have identified – you are not truly on the job market if you are just passively keeping an eye on newspapers.


Know your CV – you are your CV.


Practice your interview skills – do mock interviews.



Remember you will not be successful at every interview – this may not be anything to do with your interview performance or experience.


Keep yourself positive and go for it! There are still jobs out there!