Dos & Don’ts

when preparing for your interview


  • Check the format of the interview beforehand to avoid being caught off guard.
  • Research the company – check their website, news articles, industry magazines etc.
  • Prepare – know your CV, have examples ready to demonstrate different competencies & skills.
  • Have questions prepared for the interviewer to demonstrate your interest in the company and the job.
  • Dress well – a smart business suit, neutral colours and clean shoes.
  • Be on time!


  • Make negative or derogatory remarks about your current or previous employers.
  • Over-answer questions – keep it short and to the point.
  • Enquire about salary, bonuses or holidays during the first interview.
  • Oversell yourself or be overly enthusiastic – it may be interpreted in the wrong way.
  • Let your disappointment show if the interview is not going as planned.