Competency Based Interviews

What are Competencies?

Competencies are individual characteristics required for a role, which must be demonstrated to provide evidence of superior or effective performance in a job.

Competencies are defined in terms of the behaviors exhibited by a person with those characteristics.

A person in a position normally requires proficiency or competence in several competencies before they can be regarded as effective in their role.

The complete competency set or model for an individual role identifies all the knowledge, skills, experiences and attributes a person should display in their behaviour when they are doing the job well.

Typically, competencies are general descriptions of the abilities needed to perform a role in the organization.

Competencies are described in terms such that they can be measured. It’s useful to compare competencies to job descriptions. Job descriptions typically list the tasks or functions and responsibilities for a role, whereas competencies list the abilities needed to conduct those tasks or functions.

Consequently, competencies are often used as a basis for training by converting competencies to learning objectives.

Competencies are chosen to define the behavioural skills necessary to fulfil a job.

The competencies will apply at different levels depending on the particular job. It is important to address how you meet the behavioural competencies advertised by giving concrete examples from your own experience (work or otherwise).

Each behavioural competency will be at a level relevant to the requirement of the job.