8 Top Tips

when writing cover letters


Make sure your cover letter is legible. Unless otherwise requested, you should type your letter.


Check, double check, triple check for spelling and grammatical mistakes.


Don’t re-write your CV in your cover letter. You should highlight your specific skills and experience that are relevant to the role you are applying for.


Keep it short and simple – don’t over-use complicated vocabulary, and don’t go over one page.


Limit the length of your letter to one page, as employers don’t have time to read more. Present your information in a way that is easy to understand. Use short paragraphs to present your information. It is just as acceptable to use bullet points instead, or other methods of highlighting the criteria of most interest to the employer.


Check for accuracy – have you addressed the correct person? Is your letter specific to the job you are applying for? Utilise words/phrases used in the job description when you can.


Keep a copy of your cover letter – you’ll need it to prepare for the interview you’ll (hopefully) be invited to.


It is your responsibility to follow up your letter with a phone call within a few days – especially when you’re contacting an employer on a speculative basis. This demonstrates that you’re the sort of enthusiastic self-starter most employers want.