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Software Engineer Remote

  • Sector: IT
  • Contact: Gillian Nicholson
  • Job Ref: 17279

We have a new opportunity with our client for a Software Developer

Remote working supported for up to 3 days per week. 

The company are a start-up who have successfully designed and built a product which is used across some of Ireland's most progressive companies in Ireland. You will be part of this growing team, and help design, implement, and deploy the next tier of software components. A major part of this is implementing the code that drives their products, the position includes contributing along the whole development process, including: deciding what features to build, driving the design and architecture, testing and deployment, documenting the features and design.Some of the concepts that we use are listed below. If you have used any modern JavaScript framework, you’ll feel right at home here..

·       Live data updates (via Server Sent Events)

·       Reactive UI views (similar to React, Vue, Svelte, etc…)

·       Simple declarative UI templates (HTML & CSS)

·       Native web components for common elements (e.g. Buttons, Input Fields)

·       Single-file UI components for views (similar to .vue components)

·       Seamless data layer (similar to Ember Data + CouchDB / PouchDB)

·       Encrypted offline data cache (similar to IBM JSONStore)

·       Server-side data pipelines (similar to Apache Kafka)

·       Client-side multi-threading via Web Workers


  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in a Technical field such as Computer Science

  • Experienced JavaScript Programmer, proficient in vanilla JS and has experience with frameworks like backbone js,React.js and Vue.js.

  • Minimum 2/3 years of professional experience in FullStack JS development (Frontend Frameworks and Node.js for backend)

  • Overall, minimum of 4 years of software development experience.

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Hardworking, willing to go the extra mile, dedicated, self driven and motivated. 

  • Interested in working in a startup, as part of a small team. 

  • Able to take own initiative.

  • Interested in equity in a company

Why work here

Opportunity You will have the opportunity to learn and build some truly world-leading technology using state-of-art web technologies (our next-generation features include work on data analytics, machine learning, AI, offline-first mobile applications, voice controlled-apps, and multiple ground-breaking integrations with data providers and service providers).

This is an opportunity to make a real impact in a startup environment - be part of this project right from the early stages.


Working at a larger corporation is great, but let’s face it, can also be quite uninspiring. It’s all too common to end up in a siloed team, working maintenance, and dealing with legacy issues. The work at is varied – in the right way. A team with broad interests across the technology stack means we can all contribute ideas and learn from each other.


We already have a group of loyal customers; highly respected clients in Ireland.The product-market fit is strong, and we know we are on track to success. Now is a great time to be joining as we build on that early success.

For a confidential discussion and more information on the role, please contact Gillian Nicholson.

(090) 6450665