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Graduate Manufacturing Engineer

World leading medical device manufacturer looking to hire a graduate ME to be involved in some exciting new projects.



  • Designs manufacturing processes, procedures and production layouts for assemblies, equipment installation, processing, machining and material handling.
  •  Designs arrangement of machines within plant facilities to ensure most efficient and productive layout.
  • Designs sequence of operations and specifies procedures for the fabrication of tools and equipment and other functions that affect product performance. Adapts machine or equipment design to factory and production conditions.
  • May incorporate inspection and test requirements into the production plan. Inspects performance of machinery, equipment, and tools to verify their efficiency, and investigates and initiates corrective action of problems and deficiencies to ensure product quality.
  • Develops manufacturing processes that are applicable to statistical process control, and may develop those techniques.
  • Provides guidance to engineering regarding design concepts and specification requirements to best utilize equipment and manufacturing techniques.
  • Ensures processes and procedures are in compliance with regulations.  


  • Autonomy: Entry level individual contributor on a project or work team. Works with close supervision.
  • Organizational Impact: Delivers work of limited scope, typically smaller, less complex projects or related activities.
  • Innovation and Complexity: Identifies, defines and addresses problems that are not immediately evident but typically not difficult or complex. Makes minor changes in systems and processes to solve problems .
  • Communication and Influence: Communicates primarily with internal contacts within immediate group. Contacts others to gather, confirm and convey information.
  • Leadership and Talent Management: N / A job at this level is focused on self-development .


Required Knowledge and Experience: Requires broad theoretical job knowledge typically obtained through advanced education.

Requires a University Degree, 0 years of experience required.

For more detailed information on this role please contact Michelle Mc Inerney.

091 706 717