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Graduate Engineer - Netherlands'

  • Sector: Engineering
  • Contact Email:
  • Job Ref: 21150

Are you an engineering graduate seeking your first job? Would like to experience working in another country with some of the World’s most Technologically advanced companies? Then look no further, We are hiring Graduate Engineers to work for well-renowned semiconductor organizations in the Netherlands.

Job application requirements:

  1. You must be able to commit to a 2-year contract, be eligible to work and live in the EU without restrictions. EU passport is essential
  2. Full driving licence for Install roles
  3. No experience is needed as full training is provided.
  4. Degree from one of the following:

•    level 6/7/8 Degree in Electronics

•    level 6/7/8 Degree in Electrical

•    level 6/7/8 Degree in Applied Physics

•    level 6/7/8 Degree in Mechatronics

•    level 6/7/8 Degree in Mechanical

•    level 6/7/8 Degree in Manufacturing

•    level 6/7/8 Degree in Mechanical

•    level 6/7/8 Degree in Aerospace

•    level 6/7/8 Degree in Automotive

Salary & Benefits overview

•    Starting at €30,000 circa+ (+30% shift rate if applicable)

•    Engineer Title

•    Annual leave

•    Opportunity for travel

•    Full relocation support including accommodation and bank assistance etc.

Are you enthusiastic about this amazing opportunity to travel and work at the same time?

For a confidential discussion about this opportunity please contact Cathal Herron:

(090) 645 0660