Customer Service Trainer

Customer Service & Languages
Customer Service & Languages

Exciting opportunity for a  Customer Service Trainer to work for a leading Multinational company in Galway.

General Responsibilities

  • Designing, managing and delivering a core Customer Service training module along with continuous improvement training programmes.
  • Design a program that is modular in nature – where training ‘modules’ are designed and assigned using various methodologies and platforms for a more rounded training approach.
  • Design and manage a training program that can be implemented easily and at short notice. This training program needs to bring people up to speed quickly with minimum disruption to the business. Utilise all the tools that are currently available to you – recorded sessions, Manager Powerpoint presentations, self-service options etc. Develop material that can be used over and over.
  • Develop and promote a performance-based organisation with a strong emphasis on development and continuous improvement in order to support changing Organisational requirements. Development of a Training Needs Analysis review process to evaluate the ongoing training needs of the team and the effectiveness of the training provided.
  • Collaboration and full alignment to the various Continuous Improvement Initiatives within CS – Work Instruction (SOP) alignment, efficiency Initiatives, performance improvement processes, Quality and Audits, reporting alignment etc. Re-training and re-alignment planning will be required in line with these initiatives.
  • Alignment with the Commercial organisation to ensure that the correct focus is assigned within processes to drive customer loyalty, KPI and metric adherence, revenue effectiveness and improve customer experience.
  • Align training with the Work Instructions and ensure that any changes or improvements are incorporated into the program.
  • Ongoing alignment with the other Customer Service hubs in Manila and Orlando as well as with the launch of any other business initiatives to ensure training programmes are consistent. Continuous collaboration with the Manilla and Galway Team Leads is required to monitor performance evaluation criteria.
  • Providing training services to teams with specific requirements, including needs analysis, program design, train the trainer support and evaluation techniques.
  • Building and creating reports to feedback to line manager on effectiveness of training programmes and maintaining up to date training records for audit purposes.
  • Increase engagement and promote a learning and coaching culture within CS.


  • Minimum 1-2 years’ experience within a Customer Service division is desirable
  • Previous experience delivering training and developing training content
  • Previous experience with new tools and methodology being deployed in other industries or other companies an advantage
  •  Comfortable with Customer Service systems and tools
  • Understanding & knowledge of supply chain and order management an advantage
  • Good understanding of how a Global organisation works with cross-functional collaboration – and the ability to understand where processes can be influenced or managed better.
  • Demonstrated track record of training, motivating and/or developing individuals and teams.
  • Ability to think innovatively and not be constrained by current practices
  • Effective organisational skills
  •  Ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently, including complex projects
  • Ability to build relationships, promote training, shares best practice and solve problems
  • Second European language such as French, German or Spanish would be an advantage – though not a requirement

For a confidential discussion and more information on the role, please contact Deirdre Moran.

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