The increasing popularity of Assessment Centres and Psychometrics in the recruitment process has become quite noticeable of late.  If this seems surprising, consider the below:

  1. Cost of a poor hire – The cost of a poor hire has been estimated at up to three times the salary of that individual.  The monetary value alone is startling but does not include the negative impact on the existing team, possibly already feeling the pressures of the current economic climate.
  2. Outsourcing – Assessment Centres and Psychometrics allow organisations to outsource a large portion of the recruitment process using a pre-approved screening process.  The HR or Hiring Manager may spend a very short period of time brainstorming and reviewing a process with the recruitment provider who can then develop a process to include reliable measures and assessment activities reflecting the working environment.  The organisation can effectively hand over the recruitment process to the recruitment provider and receive a report in the requested format on the outcomes of the assessment for each candidate, leaving them free to carry out other activities.  The Hiring Manager can receive a broad and reliable picture of the candidate before meeting them for a final interview or even induction.
  3. Volume Recruitment and the flexible workforce – The need to move a large number of candidates through a reliable and efficient recruitment process at short notice can be overwhelming for an already stretched HR department.  Utilising psychometric assessments online or in large groups can ensure large numbers of candidates are screened quickly and fairly and ensure the best candidates are called to interview.
  4. Candidate experience and company reputation – Assessment Centres exercises such as roles plays, presentation exercises and hands-on tasks allow candidates to see more clearly a connection between the recruitment process and the role available.  Candidates find the process more transparent, report feeling they have been treated fairly and have a more positive impression of the company as a whole, providing the organisation with invaluable positive public relations.


Caroline Ward

Senior HR Services Consultant

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group

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